Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Post!

Is it just me or does everything seem more profound when in an altered state of consciousness? Why is this? Is it because whatever mind altering substance we're taking causes the mind to make the distinction between the unkown and the obvious more blurry?

I do not know, but anyway, I'm starting this blog(weird that google's blogger software actually identifies 'blog' as being mispelled) as a (somewhat) philosophically-oriented blog that will, I believe as of right now, contain my thoughts during my intoxication. It's hard to plan ahead when you're so fucking wasted. As of right now that's all I think it will be; but, who knows what else I will post. Maybe it will become a blog full of good, interesting posts, or maybe it will become one of those sites on the web that are analogous to a ghost town of the mythical old west with a tumbleweed sweeping through a deserted street.